Monday, April 23, 2007

dark sky

It looked like as if someone has painted the sky with black fabric paint …..
Suddenly at 4’0 clock in the evening it became dark and sun was masked …darkness , sorrow appears in a mask of joy and joy appears in a mask of sorrow. It seems paradoxical .But as I learned it’s the law of nature. The masses are led astray by its superficiality. In the confusion we discard happiness and court sorrow! ….doesn’t it sound like a history of every man…


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chennai in december

That was a Saturday evening .Tired … but the zeal never subside to know what gonna happen that day...we had our lunch very quickly and then reached on time at ‘Krishna Ghana Sabha ‘ near pangal park and as planned earlier we got a camera from our friend and reached the place on time. Its just amazing and thrilling to sit near great singer Aruna Sairam .she takes you to the beautiful green meadow where Krishna and Radha dance engulfed in unconditional love…this ride can be taken in just 100 rs ….as poor software engineers (poor here doesn’t means opposite of rich) we can manage was indeed a blessing to be given a chance to listen to enchanting music during margazhi period (it falls in the month of dec)…those day provided me sweet memories of Chennai . Music was just not an entertainment but open voices of the singers, dwani of mrindangam, and the resonance of violin became close to heart. The architecture of Krishna Ghana Sabha was astonishing .It is a well made acoustic building.

We often used to say that its part of SDLC life cycle …during the initial years of work all used to go early to office ,work hard and takes back salary + all the office problem to room for discussions and analysis …..But as time passed by we could see slowly changes. People starting lazing around bathroom, on bed for long hours, with newspaper, controlling all those Malayalam channels that bring nostalgia …..These scenes could not be seen earlier….Camera just became the essential part of life by this time..... Experiments with instances of reality as I understand begins here …..putting kolam became a passion for all in few days ; as Comments poured in ….we managed to get new designs……my bag always contained these designs along with the credit card bank statements, telephone bill , an Indian flag , a coin from tirupathi ,customer report generated for the client …life revolved around these material things….

Early morning bajans which was mainly Astapthi were simply ecstatic. Hot ghee masala dosa was also driving force ….everytime we come out of krishna Ghana sabha new ideas pops in mind …thanx for her for introducing us to music …apang, Hindustani music, carnatic...She must have attended around 100 shows …as she explains we explored!!!! ..As the cultural Chennai unfolded we discovered the lost heritages of our intrinsic selves...

ultimate truth

As i open my eyes early morning and look through the window....these flowers teach me all the good lessons of life.
They always face to east ....looking to the sun...the ulimate reality of their Ignorant we are .